Closed Gas Stations Conference Launched



New Life for Closed Gas Stations Conference and Exhibition

June 3-6, 2014

Orlando, Florida

The New Life for Closed Gas Stations Conference and Exhibition will be held June 3-6, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida.  This conference is a redevelopment symposium focused on buying, selling and leasing opportunities, lender requirements, financial incentives, environmental due diligence strategies, remediation planning, construction design and budgeting, cleanup cost containment, legal liability reduction, and market trends, all as they relate to closed gas stations.


Typically, closed gas stations are located on corner properties at busy intersections, which are becoming increasingly valuable as infill development continues to rapidly consume the available inventory of land suitable for new growth.  The significant environmental, technical, legal, and financial challenges associated with redeveloping these properties are readily surmountable provided they are properly understood and taken into account prior to land acquisition and the beginning of construction.  Banks, pharmacies, grocery markets, affordable housing, restaurants, retail outlets, neighborhood parks, and urgent care clinics are just some of the many uses engaging in feverish competition for these key sites. Previously stigmatized by the fear of contamination, the true economic value of closed gas station sites is now commonly recognized by a growing group with the sophistication and knowledge to effectively manage risk, limit liability, and contain costs.  Many others are now racing to catch up in order to avoid missing out on this important universe of profitable real estate development, business expansion, and job creation opportunity.  The New Life for Closed Gas Stations Conference and Exhibition is designed to benefit parties at both ends of the learning and experience curve, from the newcomer seeking the necessary tools, resources, and data to make sound business, design, engineering, construction, and transactional decisions to the accomplished veteran looking for a competitive edge.


“While it’s not easy to repurpose a closed gas station, which likely has contamination issues, into a vibrant new business, it is both possible and profitable,” said Michael Goldstein, Managing Partner of The Goldstein Environmental Law Firm, “and it’s happening all over the country in both urban and rural communities every single day.” Goldstein, based out of Miami, Florida, and the founder and chairman of the New Life for Closed Gas Stations Conference and Exhibition, added, “The key to a successful outcome is understanding the federal, state and local regulatory requirements, following sound due diligence practices, knowing where and how to look for support and funding, and properly integrating cleanup planning into the actual physical construction.  There is a tried and true approach to finding the right site for the right project, carefully and accurately evaluating costs, and bringing cleanup and development in on budget and on schedule.  This conference will assemble the top practitioners, engineers, contractors, and regulators from all over the country to unlock the secrets of how these deals come together, obtain financing approvals, get built, and generate significant profits for all involved.”  Goldstein also added, “I am particularly excited to be involved in a conference that focuses on effective strategies for reuse of closed gas station sites given that it will be the first of its kind with a national focus and reach ever held anywhere in the United States.  We expect to see heavy participation from not only the private sector but also from local governments all over the country, which historically have shouldered the economic burden relating to abandonment of and disinvestment in gas stations in terms of diminished tax revenues, higher rates of unemployment, and stresses on transportation infrastructure and neighborhood services through unchecked suburban sprawl.”


Relevant technical session topics being considered include:


  • Strategies for Finding Closed Gas Station Sites and Evaluating Suitability for Intended Use
  • Best Practices for Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Investigation of Closed Gas Stations to Identify Development Challenges and Opportunities, Limit Liability, and Contain Costs
  • Integrating Gas Station Cleanup Planning into Design and Permitting of Redevelopment and Reuse Activities
  • Federal and State Regulatory Agency Perspectives & Guidance on Design, Permitting, and Execution of Closed Gas Station Cleanup & Reuse Activities
  • Understanding and Budgeting for Likely Tank Removal Costs
  • Understanding and Budgeting for Likely Gas Station Cleanup Costs (Survey of Market Trends and Data from across the United States)
  • Cost-Effective Strategies for Contracting for Tank Removal and Gas Station Cleanup Services
  • How to Take Advantage of Federal and State Liability Protections for Lenders to Secure Financing for Acquisition and Redevelopment of Closed Gas Station Sites
  • Case Studies on Reuse of Closed Gas Station Sites for Banks, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Affordable Housing, Community Parks, and Urgent Care Clinics
  • Individual Roundtable with Panel of Expert Developers
  • Individual Roundtable with Panel of Expert Lenders
  • Individual Roundtable with Panel of Real Estate Brokers
  • Practical Discussion of Federal and State Case Law Discussing Contaminated Gas Stations and Strategies for Minimizing Exposure to Legal Liability and Construction Risk
  • The Use of Environmental Insurance to Manage the Risk, Liability, and Cost of Closed Gas Station Acquisition, Cleanup and Reuse Activities
  • Federal and State Economic Incentives to Fund Closed Gas Station Acquisition, Cleanup and Reuse Activities



For information on submitting an abstract, becoming a sponsor, or exhibiting please contact Gene Jones at 800-441-7949 or by email at


Conference organizers are The Goldstein Environmental Law Firm, the Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc., the International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals, Inc., the Center for Biomedical & Toxicological Research at Florida State University and Association & Conference Management, LLC.

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